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Lake Information

Melton Hill Marina is on the beautiful Melton Hill Lake in Tennessee. Melton Hill Lake is located on the Clinch River in East Tennessee near Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Lake provides nearly 193 miles of shoreline and 5,470 acres of water surface and includes parts of Loudon, Roane, Anderson, and Knox counties.

The reservoir stretches 56 miles up the Clinch River from the Melton Hill Dam to the base of Norris Dam, and is navigable for 38 miles from Melton Hill Dam to Clinton. Much of the northwest shoreline is United States Department of Energy property, while most of the opposing shoreline is privately owned.

Melton Hill is the only TVA dam on a tributary stream, or not on the Tennessee River, with a navigation lock. The lock lowers and raises vessels 60 feet between Melton Hill Lake and Watts Bar Lake and vice-versa.

Melton Hill Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Clinch River just south of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The dam is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, which built the dam in the early 1960s. Melton Hill Dam was named for Melton Hill, a knob atop Copper Ridge where the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey established a triangulation station in 1884.